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BVU Students in Korean Language Get Many Job Opportunities

Students majoring in the Korean Language at Ba Ria – Vung Tau University (BVU) get many advantages in seeking jobs from large Korean corporations.

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BVU students participate in Korean cultural activities.

Practical training programs

At BVU, the Korean Language major attracts many students each year thanks to the practical and integrated curriculum based on consulting of experts from KOICA (the Korea International Coperation Agency), and prestigious Korean universities such as Hankyong University, Dongshin University, Gwangju University, etc. The BVU’s Korean language training program meets recruitment need of large domestic and foreign corporations.

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BVU students receive books from KOICA.

A majority of BVU’s lecturers the Korean language have had many years of learning and working in Korea. The lecturers are well trained, experienced, and willing to fully support their students, together with interesting lecturing methods. In addition, BVU students are taught directly by KOICA volunteer lecturers and HanKyong University (Korea) experts.

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Mr. Kim Chi Yo, a KOICA lecturer, takes photos with BVU students.

Scholarships for and training programs in Korea

BVU students have numerous opportunities to interact with many students from Korean universities, such as Dongshin University, Hankyong University, to become volunteers or attend the Hangeul Festival in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Phung Thi My Hanh, a Korean Language student of BVU, studies at Busan University of Foreign Studies, Busan City in Korea.

BVU offers student exchange programs in Korea regularly so that students can obtain practical experience. Hundreds of BVU students who participated in this program have studied at Gwangju University, Dongshin University, Busan University of Foreign Studies, and other universities.

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Nguyen Thi My Hanh and Nguyen Duc Van, BVU students of the Korean language, receive KOCHAM scholarships in 2020.

Attractive careers for graduates

BVU cooperates with a variety of domestic and international organizations and enterprises that recruit students of the Korean language, including Posco SS Vina, Posco Vietnam, Hyosung Company, Dongjin Global Company, Woori Bank, etc. BVU’s partners said that they will join the university to offer an excellent learning environment, practical internship programs, and career opportunities for students.

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Ngo Thi Le Hang, BVU alumnus in the Korean language, works as an HR employee at Hyosung Vina Chemical Company.

Furthermore, BVU students have numerous options to acquire skills to develop their scientific knowledge in Korea.

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