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Diversity cultures and traditions marked the International Festival 2023 at HIU

On July 10th, 2023, thousands of high school and HIU students enjoyed the phenomenon of the International Festival with diverse cultures and ethnicities. The event was operated by HIU Faculties, professors, students, and especially the International Student Council (ISC).

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Our HIU and high school students have a tremendous experience with many art performances, games, and exhibits of various nations.

IMG 7427 2048x1080 1 1536x810 1 Diversity cultures and traditions marked the International Festival 2023 at HIU

International Festival is a playground where students, especially our international students currently enrolling in HIU, can share and explore new cultures and traditions with their neighboring countries. It is also a chance to demonstrate some of the lectures that apply in reality, which help students enrich their experience and build up their confidence for their careers.

IMG 7466 2048x1353 1 1536x1015 1 Diversity cultures and traditions marked the International Festival 2023 at HIU

HIU students will have abundant opportunities to participate in the preparation of organizing events, extra-curricular activities, and festivals to let them grow and develop soft skills, such as administrative and leadership skills, teamwork spirit, and creative minds through art performances and minigames. Those are astonishing lessons for students when enrolling at HIU.

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