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“Mother is Love” Music Show is full of love and educational meaning

Nguyen Hoang Group’s art program “Mother is Love”, themed “Thanks for the roses” and broadcast on the evening of July 10, delivered a special and meaningful gift for mothers. The program has touched millions of hearts thanks to emotional songs featuring mothers performed by a series of famous stars.

The virtual program has welcomed lots of praise because it symbolized an art program to honor mothers and their love, reminding each person to “love your mother while you can” and “Every day is Mother’s Day”.

Mẹ là tình yêu

Singer Quy Binh opens with “Bong hong cai ao” (Rose on my shirt).

Recreating touching stories about the Mother

Thanks to stage director Tran Vi My’s talent and gorgeous performances by a series of stars, the show was pushed high in the sky special songs about motherhood.

Mẹ là tình yêu

Emotional scene of “Huyen thoai me” (Legendary Mother).

The opening song was “Bong hong cai ao” (Rose on a shirt), through singer Quy Binh’s attracting voice. The audience felt like returning to a whole region of sweet memories with the Mother. Meanwhile, the song “Huyen thoai me” (Legend of Mother) gave the audience completely different emotions: still the Mother’s love but highlighting sacrifice and pain during the wartime. Quy Binh’s anxious and tender voice has successfully portrayed the mood, pain, and immense love of heroic mothers.

Mẹ là tình yêu

Diva My Linh performs wholeheartedly “Nguoi me O Ly” (The O Ly Mother) and “Me hien yeu dau” (Dear Mother).

My Linh – one of the most awaited stars in the show, brought to the TV audience song “Nguoi me O Ly” (The O Ly mother) by musician Trinh Cong Son. Going slowly to tell a story, but with a lot of emotions and feelings in it, perhaps My Linh was the perfect choice for this masterpiece. “Maman Oh Maman” – a familiar French love song with Vietnamese lyrics called “Dear Mother” further embellishes My Linh’s mark. And singer Thanh Thao extended the audience’s emotions with “Loi me ru” (Mother’s lullaby) composed by Hoai An.

Mẹ là tình yêu

“My Mother” performed by Kim Tuyen.

Contributing to the program was Kim Tuyen – a former student in the Nguyen Hoang Group (NHG) system. Her clear, soulful voice and confident performance style helped her perform song “Me toi” (My Mother) by musician Tran Tien very successfully. Her voice was full of contemplation and feelings as a special gift for those who no longer have their mothers alive with them.

Mẹ là tình yêu

The song “Seeing mother in my dream” is performed by Tan Bao.

The waves of love continued when Tan Bao, a young NHG student, performed a song considered as “making millions of people cry” called “Gap me trong mo” (Seeing mother in dreams). The scene of a boy who lost his mother wishing to fall into a dream to meet his mother, swoop into his mother’s lap and feel her warmth touched many viewers. Famous singer Dong Nhi – parent of NHG students, brought another color on the stage with a hit song “Khi con la me” (When I Am a Mother). Dieu Hien and Ngoc Chau’s contribution of a series of familiar songs “Noi di con” (Speak, Child), “Ngay con khong con me” (The Day Without Mother), “Con no me” (I Owe You Mother) also created their own highlights. In particular, the heartbreaking sharing from blind musician Ha Chuong made the audience more touched as he has never seen his mother’s figure. His performance of song “Cong me di choi” (Carrying Mother on my Back) – thanks to that – was extremely emotional.

Mẹ là tình yêu

Singer Dong Nhi’s performance of “When I am a Mother”.

Mẹ là tình yêu

“Mother’s Lullaby” goes through singer Thanh Thao’s sweet voice.

Educational purpose

“Mother is Love” is not just an ordinary TV show. It is also a message of love spread through the lyrics and songs. Each performance in the program is a great picture of motherhood. All paint up hard work, sacrifice, tolerance, and vastness of the Mother, thus reminding the audience to love and appreciate their mothers more. These are also the messages Nguyen Hoang Group would like to convey to pupils and students.

Mẹ là tình yêu

Musician Ha Chuong shares that he has never seen his mother.

Dr. Do Manh Cuong, NHG Deputy CEO, shared at the program: “If gratitude is the most important virtue, gratitude to the Mother must be the top priority and that is the foundation of Humanity. “Mother is Love” is an art program as well as an educational program for NHG pupils and students to have the opportunity to practice lessons of love, not only with their families but also with the society.”

Mẹ là tình yêu

Dr. Do Manh Cuong, NHG Deputy CEO, delivers a speech at the program.

Mẹ là tình yêu

The fantastic stage design of the talented stage director Tran Vi My.

It can be said that the program is like a cool breeze, bringing everyone back to the most beautiful memories with their mothers, helping us all temporarily forget our worries and stress during the Covid-19 pandemic. At the same time, it awakens hearts that are already cold towards their mothers.

Please do not forget about your mother because of ups and downs in life!


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