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Nguyen Hoang Group Celebrates 22nd Year – “Year For Humans”

After 22 years of operation, Nguyen Hoang Group (1999-2021) is proud to be one of the largest international education service providers in Vietnam with more than 75,000 students, 4,500 Director of staff and 60 institutions spread across 24 provinces and cities across the country.

People can build anything, education builds people. In the process of working to improve education, people are the key to maintaining and developing the meaning of learning. Turning 22-years-old, NHG chose the theme “Year for Humans” to continue this mission.

Nguyen Hoang Group

Turning 22-years-old, Nguyen Hoang Group choose the theme “Year for Humans

On Nguyen Hoang’s journey of spreading knowledge, students are the core of educational goals. Teachers are the bridge, concretizing teaching methodologies and directly delivering good values to the next generation. On that journey, parents are our companions with a common goal of forming well-rounded people.

NHG welcomes the 22nd year with the theme “Human” to spotlight people, students, teachers, lecturers, staff, parents… “Human” is for the purpose of teaching, the mission of humanistic and comprehensive education.

With the desire to create generations of students to develop into well-rounded individuals, NHG will continue to invest intellect and energy in education, so that each Nguyen Hoang person can live a life filled with love and be free to be creative and think independently. Students get to grow up in a modern environment, fully developed in both minds, spirit and body. Teachers can dedicate their youth to a meaningful profession. This is also the reason that the letter H of “Human” stands last in Nguyen Hoang’s 5H educational philosophy: Heart – Head – Hand – Health – Human.

Although NHG’s 22nd year has had many difficulties and challenges, Nguyen Hoang’s people, with their enthusiastic hearts and human-oriented goals, will definitely make a prosperous “Year for Humans,” creating many good values ​​for people and for modern education.


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