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Saigon Academy: Exciting experiences at home

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, as from May 10, 2021, educational institutions in Ho Chi Minh City have suspended direct teaching activities as requested by the city’s administration. This means the parents and children have more time together at home. And SGA has also accompanied the children to study and have fun every day, helping them enjoy more with their parents.

At SGA, teachers are still working hard and making interesting learning video clips, recording entertaining activities at home to daily send to children. SGA is determined to overcome pandemic-caused obstacles; the school desires to bring the parents and children wonderful moments together.

Saigon Academy

Saigon Academy

Saigon Academy

Saigon Academy

SGA has kicked off the project “LEARNING AT HOME WITH CHILDREN” with interesting and engaging teaching videos from a team of dedicated and highly qualified foreign and Vietnamese teachers.

From their side, the parents can relax and have fun with their children with exciting activities or meaningful lessons through videos compiled by the SGA teachers to help children develop comprehensively at home!

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