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Uk Academy Ba Ria: Spreading Love In Virtual Closing Ceremony

On June 2, 2021, UK Academy Ba Ria held the virtual closing ceremony for the 2020-2021 school year on the Microsoft Teams online learning system.

In the 2020-2021 school year, despite of outbreaks of the pandemic, UK Academy Ba Ria teachers and students actively and optimistically completed all academic tasks and achieved many big achievements.

UKA Bà Rịa

Messages from parents touched the UK Academy Ba Ria team.

At the ceremony, the school’s principal – Mr. Phan Ngoc Huynh shared to all students: “You don’t come to school to attend the closing ceremony and stand here to receive the rewards you deserve like in previous school years . But, don’t forget that it is in the heart of the teacher that you always have your own podium there, where your talents, achievements, and progress during the past year have been officially recognized. recognized and honored”.

UKA Bà Rịa

No real meetings but a warm atmosphere, no hugs but being happy.

UKA Bà Rịa

UK Academy Ba Ria teachers and students remind each memory through the livestream screen.

It was also at this special Closing Ceremony that once again the UK Academy Ba Ria team could show their gratitude to parents and students. Even though they had to look at each other through the screen, must review their school year memories but couldn’t laugh together, they all actively participated in the Closing Ceremony in the colors of UK Academy.

UKA Bà Rịa

From early in the morning, many parents actively helped their children prepare neat outfits like going to a normal closing ceremony.

The virtual ceremony proves that we can replace the writing board with a screen, we can replace the pen and paper with the keyboard, but the love and companionship is always there with its value.

Sang Huynh

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