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2021: A Memorable Year in Review for UKA Hue

2021 is really an unforgettable year because of the heavy influence of the Covid-19 Pandemic affecting all areas of life. Overcoming many difficulties and obstacles, UKA Hue teachers and students had a successful 2021 with many lessons and experiences. Let’s review the journey of UKers Hue in a memorable year!

Completing the 2020-2021 academic year plan

UKers Hue begins the second semester of the 2021-2022 school year with many meaningful activities including visiting and giving gifts to disadvantaged children in the Nam Dong highland district before the Lunar New Year, organizing a spring fair with many traditional games. Through that, students learned many things about love, about the traditional Tet and precious traditions of the nation.

UKA HuếTraditional Spring 2021 event

UKA Hue students and teachers enjoyed folk games at the Spring 2021 Event

UKers Hue had a successful semester with many interesting lessons, participating in many competitions in and out of Thua Thien Hue province. In particular, student La Ngoc Minh Chau won the School Champion award in the International Kangaroo Math Contest (IKMC). At the Dare to Challenge English speaking contest, UKA Hue students also won many prizes.

Extracurricular activities and experiences in the second semester are held regularly with a frequency once per month, with many rich contents such as: cooking contest on 8/3, picnic on Hung King’s Day.

Student La Ngoc Minh Chau and impressive achievements with School Champion award at IKMC 2021

The yoga class in Summer Camp 2021

Enjoying Summer Camp

With the theme “Unlocking the Future”, the UK Academy Hue’s Summer Camp 2021 brought the children a very exciting summer.

In addition to knowledge content, especially English skills, the Summer Camp program focuses on career-oriented content through practical subjects, meetings and exchanges with experts and famous people such as cultural researcher Pham Duc Thanh Dung, painter Dinh Khac Thinh, singer Luong Viet Quang, etc.

UKers Hue’s memorable picnic at Le Dop Son Trang

The field trips are also built with useful activities with many new places to train students in self-care skills and a sense of community and society. With the success of Summer Camp 2021, it is promised that Summer Camp 2022 will be “a thousand times more beneficial!”

The school’s “unprecedented” online opening ceremony

Overcoming All Difficulties with Great Determination

At the beginning of the new school year 2021-2022, the pandemic situation in Hue is complicated. UKA Hue quickly changed the form of teaching and learning from face-to-face to online.

UKA HuếOnline classes of UKA Hue are still fun and effective

UKA HuếStudents are busy preparing for the Uka’s Got Talent Competition

UKA Hue teachers and students had a memorable year

Thanks to the careful preparation, the online lessons via MS Teams still took place every day with a lively competition atmosphere. Not only lectures, many interactive games, many points-gathering activities are combined by teachers into class hours to create attraction, help students focus attention, and better follow the lesson. After each lesson, you will be consulted by your teachers to better prepare for the next lesson.

Experiential activities and contests are also flexibly converted, alternating online and offline forms to ensure safety against epidemics such as Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas events, etc.

UKers Hue also showed their talents through competitions such as Uka’s Got Talens, Uka English Eloquence Contest…

Difficulties and challenges are inevitable, but with determination and careful and thoughtful preparation, UKA Hue has had a truly memorable 2021. Entering the new year 2022, that spirit will always be maintained so that teachers and students continue to achieve new heights, bringing UKers Hue further and further!

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