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GDU Achieves CEA-AVU&C Accreditation

Gia Dinh University (GDU) has secured a Certificate of Education Accreditation signed on May 24, 2021 by the Center for Education Accreditation – Association of Vietnam Universities and Colleges (CEA-AVU&C).

Before that, CEA-AVU&C had appraised the self-assessment report and conducted the formal survey for accrediting GDU on many criteria namely quality assurance in strategy; system quality assurance; quality assurance on functional implementation; operation results.

Đại học Gia Định

GDU acquires the Certificate of education Accreditation of CEA-AVU&C.

Assoc.Prof. Dr Vo Tri Hao, Gia Dinh University President, said: “Education accreditation is a requirement for all educational institution in Vietnam. With these accomplishments, Gia Dinh University will continue to develop the curriculum in the coming years. GDU places students at its heart, strives to connect students with businesses, increases job opportunities, and meets the need of the high-quality labor market to carry out our educational motto “Selection – Application – Mass.”

Đại học Gia Định

The opening ceremony of education accreditation at Gia Dinh University.

Notably, more than 90% of GDU graduates find jobs right after graduation are highly valued by their employers. Many students have joined multinational corporations and known enterprises. “With its reasonable tuition fees and advantages, choosing GDU is the perfect path to success.”, said the GDU President.

Đại học Gia Định

The closing ceremony of education accreditation at Gia Dinh University.

With the latest accreditation, GDU has partially reaffirmed its position as one of the most reliable institutions, trusted by parents and students. GDU hopes to provide a unique learning environment, cultivates talents, and provides students of undergraduate and graduate levels with a variety of new experiences.

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