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Saigon Academy Kids Know How to Self-Motivate

Learning and practicing in the Saigon Academy (SGA) environment, whether at school or at home, the children are always very active and self-disciplined.

Teaching children to be independent – ​​in the opinion of many parents, it must be something big, like knowing how to wash clothes by themselves, make breakfast or shower on their own. However, being independent is a long process that requires broad-based patience and often starts with the smallest things.

Saigon Academy

SGA kids learn to bake

Saigon Academy

Kids feeds themselves

At SGA, teachers guide 3-year-olds to feed themselves with a spoon and fork, and drink with a glass. Children can also put their toys neatly back in their places after playing. For them to do restroom things on their own, the teachers help the kids speak up when they need to do the things.

Saigon Academy

Children can help in making yogurt

Saigon Academy

Kids help mom in feeding the youngers

In addition, the teachers teach the children to brush their teeth, starting from small things such as letting them get their own toothpaste, rinsing their own mouth, washing the brush, then to more difficult things like brushing their own teeth, and tongue cleaning. The teachers also have projects to teach children to bake cakes, make jelly, etc. to boost their independence and creativity. Thanks to that, when at home, they can join their parents in cooking such as stirring flour, preparing eggs, cleaning vegetables.

Saigon Academy

Giving a helping hand in washing dishes

Saigon Academy

Learning is done on their own

During the time of social distancing because of Covid-19, SGA children stay at home and can maintain their habits learned from school as well as keep the skills SGA has taught, such as washing hands before eating, sitting down to eat, and eating on their own.

Hopefully, the pandemic will be under control quickly so that SGA can welcome the children back to their beloved school!

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